Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hi everyone, well The Beta gets his Man release is fast approaching, 16 days wow it will be here before we know it. To keep you going how would you like a taster? Also the swag I ordered is starting to arrive so keep a look out for my give a ways. 

Pre order links will be up soon so I will post when I can.

Craig slowly became aware of his surroundings. The sterile smell only hospitals have was the first thing he noticed, but then another scent over-rode everything else. The scent of home. It was freshly cut grass, the woods after a storm, and totally mouthwatering. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around to see an Adonis sleeping in the chair next to his bed. He inhaled and that smell of home hit him like a freight train. He tried to move, but pain sliced through his body. He looked down to see his left arm was in a sling and his right leg was in a brace. His left side hurt, and bandages surrounded his chest. Memories of leaving work flooded his mind, on reaching his car he was hit over the head. The next thing he knew, three men had him in an alley and were beating him with baseball bats. He didn't their faces because he covered his face and curled into a ball. His last memory was one of them telling him.
“This is what happens when you lie to Brian.”
Craig started to panic. Brian knew where Emma was, was she safe? He had to warn her Brian was on a rampage. He tried to sit up and groaned with the pain.
“What the hell are you doing?” said a husky voice.
“I've got to make a phone call. It’s really important,” Craig replied and looked up into the eyes of the Adonis. They were golden brown, and Craig lost all sense of what was happening, or what he was doing. He could drown in those eyes and be very happy. Another part of his body agreed because blood rushed south and the hospital gown he wore tented. The Adonis looked down and back up to Craig’s face, but Craig knew it affected him, because his eyes glowed and arousal rolled off of him in waves. Holy crap this god of a man could quite possibly be his mate.
“Who are you?” Craig asked.
 “I'm Scott Cross, Beta of the Derwent Pack. Don’t worry, Emma is safe. The threat has been dealt with, and there is a lot to discuss once you’re feeling better. First things first, you have to shift to start healing properly. Your breaks have been straightened and immobilized just so they didn't start healing wrong. Come on, I will help you remove the brace and sling,” Scott said.
“Answer one question for me first,” Craig replied.
“Okay, ask away,” Scott said.
“What do I smell like to you?” Craig asked.
Scott smiled and said, “Home, you smell like home.”
“Aren't I a lucky boy,” Craig laughed and then winced.
Scott laughed and said, “I think I'm the lucky one. Come on, let’s get you shifted, then we can talk after you have had something to eat.”
Scott helped him remove the brace and sling. Craig tried to get up, but Scott held him in place with a firm hand on his shoulder.
“Do it on the bed. You can’t stand yet.”
Craig lay back and thought about his wolf. The change came over him, but it hurt like hell, and he softly whimpered. He lay in his wolf form, panting. He was exhausted, but knew he had to shift back. Then he felt a hand softly stroking his flank and opened his eyes to see Scott running his hand down his side.
“You’re gorgeous in both forms,” Scott whispered.
Craig leaned over and licked his hand before focusing on his human form, and Scott’s hand lay on his naked hip, the gown had shifted and Scott could see just how much he affected him.
“I need to sleep, before I do. Will you kiss all my boo-boos and everything in between?” Craig said laughing, which caused him to wince again.
Scott rearranged the gown and then the sheet.
“You can have a kiss, and then you can rest. I'm gonna have my hands full with you, aren't I?” Scott replied smiling.
“Well, I have been told I'm more than a handful,” Craig snickered as his eyes closed.

Scott laughed softly and Craig felt his breath move lightly across his forehead as he kissed him.


  1. The washing up on Christmas Day done without moaning and a cup of tea during the queens speech.